About Us

Established in 2007 Braggz : The Original Bag offers a unique concept providing the ultimate personalised gift. Designed for you to “Brag” about your loved ones - there are no limits to your bragging rights! The gift is "in the bag" with our D-I-Y Braggz brag bags.

No one can resist the temptation to compliment you on your brag bag regardless if it is displaying your precious children or grandchildren, your child's amazing artwork, the animal lover’s best friend, the holiday lover’s landscape memories, the photographer’s masterpieces or your amazing scrap booking skills.  The possibilities are endless with only your imagination limiting you.

The success of the Braggz: The Original Brag Bag can be attributed to the original idea that the photographs are inserted by you INSIDE of the bag making the photographs very easy to change - as often as you like!  A template will be provided to enable you to cut the correct dimensions and you literally slip the trimmed photograph into the clear pocket.  The size of the bag will determine the number of pockets per side.  Both landscape and portrait photographs are able to be used because of the pocket dimensions (some bags do not even require trimming of the photographs).

Creative ideas include photographs being placed into each seperate pocket or a larger photograph can be used to "mosaic" across a few pockets, scrap booking the photographs, using children's own drawings, displaying all the children in the class for teachers, black and white photographs to create a "newspaper" effect and creating a "business bag" by offering advertising space to potential customers.

You own the bragging rights.

Go ahead - create your masterpiece.


Please be aware of imitation bags - all Braggz Brag Bags are branded with the Braggz logo and branded bag decal on the zip - so ask for it by name.

"Braggz : The Original Brag Bag"